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  • C++


  • Winner: 200.000 Ft voucher to Alza
  • 1st runner up: 100.000 Ft voucher to Alza
  • 2nd runner up: 50.000 Ft voucher to Alza

C++ returns to OITM – presented by Google this year. As you may remember, in the previous series OITM
tempted contestants arguing among others that the assignments were NOT written by the developers of
Google. Now this changes:) but we can assure you that this category will still not be extremely hard – we
hope you will find it rather interesting and inspiring.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the category is written in English!


Who can compete?

Developers of all levels are welcome! If you ever wrote code which was trapped in a wrong recursive call, you are ready to join this category.
Read the problem texts carefully, the complexity of the tasks may not be obviously deductible on the first scan. You will find some easier and some trickier tasks in each round. We also recommend that you read the solutions after the round.
If not stated otherwise, the C++ version does not matter when solving the tasks. We recommend to use C++17 at least.

What to expect in the contest?

Google is a company seeking talented people, rather than developers who are able to list huge amounts of dry facts by heart. This was also driving us when creating the contest content. You will get assignments in two different types: general C++ language knowledge tests (sprinkled with twists, of course), and algorithmic programming questions.

What software do you need to compete?

You would probably need a C++ development environment (minimum version 17) to solve the algorithmic questions. You are allowed to use Google search engine during the rounds, and even copy anything that was published before the start of the active round. On the other hand, this is not a team contest: you are not allowed to ask for help online or offline.

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